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Q & A
Q :
How to use TATO for the first time?
A :
The steps for the first use are as follows:

1.1 For the first installation, your must be able to connect to the internet.

1.2 TATO's registration screen will show up.

1.3 For the user who want to use the DEMO, you must enter your name and click "Continue Demo".

1.4 For the user who has license code, you can enter the license code and clirk "Register".

TATO automatically check the license with the server.

Note: If the license is wrong, TATO will work in the DEMO mode automatically.
Q :
How long does the user can use TATO as the DEMO?
A :
You can use TATO as DEMO for 30 days.
Q :
What should the user do to continue useing TATO after 30 days of DEMO mode?
A :
You can buy TATO license code for the activation. The steps are as follows:

3.1) Go to the PRODUCT page.

3.2) Click "Buy Now!" then you will be redirected to Paypal payment.

3.3) Enter the required information.

3.4) Click "Check out". If the payment succeed our payment system will send the activation code to your email

within 24 hours. If you do not recieve the email, please contact our support team.

Q :
How to view the finished project on iPad?
A :
The steps to view your finished project on iPad

4.1) Install the TATO application on your iPad.

4.2) Install iTune application on your computer that you use to connect to iPad.

4.3) Connect iPad with the computer in 4.2, then open iTune application.

4.4) Open the iTune on your computer then choose your iPad.

4.5) Go to App tab, you will see "Share Folder".

4.6) Put the ".tt3" in the "Share Folder".

4.7) Start TATO application on your ipad, you see your project.
Q :
How can I contact TATO support team?
A :
You can send an email to [email protected] OR

contact us on our official page, http://www.facebook.com/TATOInteractive.
Q :
Where should I download TATO manual?
A :
You can download the manual by click "download TATO manual" button on the top of this page.

Moreover, we already provide the porvide the video for your example in the next section on this page.
Demonstration Video