Unlock your creative, Increase you revenue with TATO

It is best for E-Learning, Sales Kit, E-Brochure, Magazine, Recipes, Corporate Newsletter, Movies poster and etc.


unlock your creativity

Make your content jump like a kangaroo, bark like a dog, and charming as ever With Tato creator, you’re able to create marvelous interactive project with no limitation. You could link, slideshow, 360 degree view, panorama view, pan and zoom your content as you imagine with a few clicks. Tato creator support pictures( jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp), sounds(m4a, mp3), videos( m4v, mov, mp4) and also digital book format like PDF and ePub.


Encrypt your right

Set your content free from heartless pirates, brutal bandits and shameless digital nerds. With protection from TATO DRM your digital content is always saved on RSA 1024 and AESI 128 encryption.


View the jungle shelf

A way to take a look at your stunning project from Tato creator or publication formats on your computer with no time. You can either view online or offline, shelf or unshelf and take a screenshot.


Fire the rocket

Launch your shining rocket in 3, 2, 1, boom, as easy as ABC using Tato uploader. With the help of Tato uploader, you’re able to upload your app for ipad and iphone to Apple Appstore* with few steps

*apple developer account is required